As the creator of Reddee, Darian has elevated how small businesses and personal brands see themselves firstly then change their approach to marketing that both suits the business field and their personal beliefs in how their brand should come across to the public.


With creativity and extensive knowledge in social media she has grown her profile from corporate business to a more friendly and compassionate way of marketing to where your customer can see a person behind the brand and not feel as if the brand does not understand their needs.

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room” 

After 5 years of corporate social media marketing Darian has taken her extensive knowledge mixed with her experience of being a social media blogger and started working with the smaller companies in order to help the little guy win. This has lead to many experiences and various fields from Hair care brands, event companies, hotels and much more.

The idea behind wanting to help the “little guy” is Darian’s giving back as she sees how much harder it is for startups or small business to get access to external needs such as brand consultants, social media presence, databases and more and with the work she has been doing she feels as if she could help she would, and SHE HAS small businesses has been thriving since she has come onboard to the point of where they are now able to sustain the path she has created…

Darian also looks to grow her personal brand as her life is forever expanding with blogging focuses changing, helping other influencers learn how to grow their brand and help businesses mend the bridge to working with influencers who fit their brand and campaigns