Going natural without Products

Returning Natural With No Help, The DIY stories

A story about my transitioning years…

It was 2012, my final school year and I decided that I wanted my hair to be relaxed and dyed since I did that 3 months ago and it worked. I used the same products for the same result and boooooooooom piece by piece in the showing I feel clumps of hair running down my neck and back. My hair broke off in patches (unevenly I might add) about 3 inches from the root in some places and 6 inches in others and then some parts were my normal hair length too, however, I finished my shower and cried for about an hour straight and I explained to mom what happened and that I didn’t want to go to school! Well, my mother don’t play that games so I of cause needed to go to school, however, since I’ve worn a weave before she decided to keep letting me wear weaves that year until I felt comfortable enough to wear my own hair and that’s when the no heat, no products, transitioning to natural started.

Later that year I started watching youtube videos again and wanted to start making my own videos again (since I stopped the beginning of the year because I wasn’t feeling my best of cause) and just there God stepped in as I was not even watching videos about hair I was watching more DIY videos because that’s what I’m into, however, I see GLAMTWINZ334 “10 Tips to grow long healthy hair” just then 2012 I decided to start following their steps like my life depended on it and it did as because about a month after doing my research on natural hair my mom sat me down to say that financially she cant keep up with the weaves and having to rebraid and the care that comes with it but I didn’t mind as I was already onto new ways I was just using my weaves at this point as protective styling but it wasn’t a need since my broken pieces hit nape length and the rest of my hair hit shoulder length anyway so I knew I could braid it myself since I am good at braiding and so is my mother.

December 2012 I spoke to my parents saying that I appreciate the extra money they used to help with my self-esteem but I just need them to spend it on me one more time and then I’ll be out of their hair hahahaha as this is the time I learned about hair tools, Oils, and perm rods. I should mention that I don’t have products here because South Africa didn’t stock “natural hair brands” till about 2015 – 2016 (this is the time I started noticing them in stores). My dad always joked about the fact that I needed my own basket because every time we went grocery shopping whatever they took I would ask if we could get more for my hair and when my dad would take coconut oil or avocado off the shelf to put in the basket we would be like “and this is for the kitchen, not your hair”. I couldn’t exactly buy products because there was none so my dad came up with the idea for us to shop at factory stores and wholesalers so we could get things in bulk and at a cheaper price since I now would use whatever I could find in the kitchen once a month. This was an amazing idea especially because I would then get the oils that most supermarkets weren’t stocking like macadamia or mint oil at a cheaper price because it wasn’t selling. This meant I was literally adding oil to everything such as my sulphate shampoo, silicone conditioners and then of cause my DIY homemade deep conditioners. I mentioned the “HARSH” products because again that was all I could buy.

My Dad use to be a delivery driver so he always knew of factory shops like all around Cape Town but then he mentioned the one close to us called NEW LOOK and I swear I credit them to keeping me on the path of natural hair, my life has forever changed since New Look then stocked the Hair Mayonnaise of both brands and it was waaaaaaay cheaper not like R10 Cheaper, cheaper (but now they know they stock that good good cause the prices now isn’t what I paid back then.) Walking along the aisle looking for the Organics Conditioner (I didn’t know if they stocked it I just figured to look for that since I was already there while looking for the Henna) I came across the hair mayonnaise almost didn’t see it because there was like maybe under 20 pots in the corner of the isle but the price had me buying two of each because I knew I wasn’t getting it that price again.

A list of things I bought and things I made in 2012-2014 to help me on my journey to natural hair with no healthy hair products

Bought                                                                                                 DIY I made

Olive Oil,
Avocado Oil,
Macadamia Oil, Mint Oil, and Coconut oil
Mix it into my shampoo, Conditioner, and Deep Conditioner
Bicarbonate Soda Mix it with water in an energade bottle then apply to roots only
Tresemme Shampoo Tsp in energade bottle and fill with water and oils
Organics Conditioner 1. A quarter cup of conditioner and 1 tbsp of every oil I owned.
2. 1/2 cup of conditioner, fill with water till a thick runny texture and use as leave-in with 2tbsp of a mixture of oils
Eggs 1 egg, Coconut Oil and Cling Wrap
Henna dye 2 sachet, 1 cup black Tea and 2 tbsp Oils
Tea 1. Added to my henna mixes
2. Tea Rinses
Mango, Banana,
Make homemade deep conditioners with this fruit and add oils
Carrots and
I would make homemade infused oils
Plain Greek
Add this to my homemade deep conditioner
Honey 1 Add to homemade conditioner
2 Add to a normal conditioner
3 Only use this before Shampoo
Mayonnaise 1 cup Mayo, 1 Egg, 2 tbsp. Oils, Cling wrap and overnight sleep
Africa’s Best Organics
Hair Mayonnaise
Add oil to every section then plastic bag and overnight it. I did this once a week because I did not know about Protein overload (which lead to me having to cut out middle back to bra-strap length.
Hair mayonnaise
Add oil to every section then plastic bag and overnight it

The year was 2015 and my life changed forever, New Look might have just DID THAT…

We went back to New Look for the oils and I wanted to stock up on Henna powder and Originals Hair Mayonnaise. I went straight to the aisle where the products were kept and well oh well what did I see… On the top shelf, I saw a brand that claimed to was for curls and coils – now at this point, I didn’t know about Aunt Jackie’s but when I read curls I was hooked! I saw the Oh so Clean and moisture conditioner ONLY (the rest came in the months to follow) so as you know I now finally found a sulphate free shampoo and at this time I found a brand in South Africa that sold raw unrefined shea butter like you still needed to do extra whipping once you bought it (that’s what I like). So wash days got better because I had a shampoo and conditioner, deep conditioner and in that same aisle I now saw Originals Hair Growth lotion, I didn’t know what it was meant for because no bloggers I watched used it but it was a brand that had natural products so why not use it -was my thinking. At this stage Clicks really had nothing on me because I then had a full range to make a regimen up and boy did I get creative.

DIY Table

Aunt Jackie’s Curls & Coils
Oh So Clean Shampoo
I only washed my hair with Shampoo twice a month during this period of my journey.
I was experimenting with Oil rinses and water only washing
Aunt Jackie’s Curls & Coils
In Control
Added Shea butter and Oils to make a Deep Conditioner
ORS/Africas Best Organics
Hair Mayonnaise
Oil each section of hair I worked on
Aunt Jackie’s Curls & Coils
In Control
I diluted some in a spray bottle with water and Oil to make a leave-in
Africas Best Organics
Hair Growth Lotion
I added shea butter to make a thicker texture
Raw Shea Butter I added every oil I could find and whipped it once a week
Flaxseed Made homemade gel (months later) added a tbsp. of shea butter and that mixture CHANGED THE GAME!

All the information above is why I am so critical and skeptical of a brand that just jumps on the scene because while I didn’t have the greatest definition during my “no products phase” my hair was healthy and growing and that is what we all seek for when going natural. This is also a reason as to why I advocate for products that cost more money to be meant to have fewer efforts when using it – what I mean is that if the deep conditioner is costing me R250 and up I’m going to need it to work WITHOUT a plastic bag, oil or any tools used to enhance a treatment because if you are costing that much then I’m going to need you to work BETTER than my DIY treatments without added heat or whatever…

I was for most of my journey the girl that didn’t have products therefore all my recommendations will always come from a thought out place that answered:

If this was his/her last R200 would I recommend this product

If there’s no extra money to buy anything else what is the one product that can solve it all

Do this brand work for his/her hair type, porosity and coarse texture or is it just a hyped product

Have I used this product

It is easy for me to share my results and I will never cover up for a brand, if it didn’t work it didn’t work because I know I receive messages from you all saying “you follow my exact method” so I won’t add something or speak on it if it didn’t work and if it didn’t work on me I will try it several ways before I say it didn’t work on me and I will usually try it on my family members as well that way if it works on somebody else (since no-one has my texture) I can give informative decisions as not all of my followers has Type 4, Low Porosity and Thick Course hair.

Did you learn anything in this post? Comment below if you are willing to try out a DIY! I want to repost.

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