Micro-Influencer Working With Both LOCAL & INTERNATIONAL Brands

As a micro-influencer (if you want to categorize me) I am always asked about how I work with top quality brands that cross from beauty, hair, apps, and entertainment.

If you are interested in finding out my techniques and how I get brands both local and international to partner with me then keep reading.

If you feel like you only need the info and not the background then you’ll find it HERE.

As of today, my stats are:

Facebook 2 219                 Instagram 1 508                YouTube 125                      Twitter 40            TikTok 135

So a combined total of 4 027 followers across all platforms and many have that amount on their Instagram alone and have the same brands in their emails as me!

Growing My Social Media

Find your tribe for all your interests that you have whether that be Cooking, Hair, and or whatever you want to create a niche in or want to cover on your social media.

I found my tribe in the hair community and was able to find bloggers/influencers that will be at events, get products from brands, and get paid for their work. I was able to grow my engagement by engaging in all their contact, reposting their content that spoke to me, and shared our journeys such as being at events together. This then allowed their followers to get to know me and join me on my channel and also the brands that worked with them are now able to see me faster than having to search me out of a crowd since I am indirectly coming from a reliable source.

What I Offer

This is what I OFFER

Sharing my journey has always helped me gain brand attraction. I started out with haircare since that was what I was going through the most! I shared my experience and my tips and even the mistakes I made along the way. While my content was not booming it was not until HAIR CARE became popular that people started coming back saying “I remember you from …” as long as you share your story and connect to people you will have an influence and WHEN you have an influence you can reach out to businesses with confidence.

Now that I am a wife, mother and entrepreneur I am doing the same thing by sharing my journey in hopes of getting my message across and I am telling you this now because if you look at my social media you will most likely only see hair, however, as a mother my skin has now changed due to postpartum, I shared that story and skincare brands have collaborated with me. I share my struggles with my son’s hair and now baby brands have said they will collaborate with me and my biggest achievement yet is sharing my story of how I need to get my energy back and a Vitamin company has collaborated with me – This company has influencers such as Kim Kardashian & Kylie Jenner, Ariana Grande and now ME!


Now I must admit this was not something I did immediately and as a result of that my followers weren’t growing as fast as my tribes but this was also because I had just built my family and so social media took a break for me and when I came back I saw a lot more bloggers/influencers when I came back to and I needed to reach out and engage in order to get my name out there again because as I said when you align yourself with your tribe they then promote you and you, them just be means of knowing each other.

Email brands

This was not a great deal for me because I am a peoples person, I rely on emotion and energy so when I am behind the phone I cannot convey the message as I would in person. This use to be easier in the beginning as the social media team would just send your information to marketing and they will contact you via DM to ask for your information, however, now the media team will send the main email address or the relevant person to speak to email address.

All I would do and still do is make sure I reach out to brands first via social media and create a buzz going in the DMs then either ask for the relevant person’s email address or I will click on the email button and send my generic proposal. Your proposal should be generic as most PR companies work with more than one brand so that if they say this brand isn’t accepting influencers you can receive another brand.

Create a Schedule

If COVID-19 has taught us anything it is that not to quote Drake but “Nothing was the same” which means every day is different and your free time won’t be the same every day or every week! So creating a regimen will help you understand your workflow and allow you to be flexible with what you can do since you already know what TO DO

This is how I manage my time and make sure I have everything that needs to be covered written down and then work day by day. This method is to make sure you finish EVERYTHING that needs to be covered.

As a wife, mother and entrepreneur, my 24 hours don’t look the same every day but work still needs to be produced especially since my clients are expecting me to keep their social media platforms going no matter what happens my side, therefore, I’ve created a FIVE-day template with an added TO–DO Today list that can help you plan the week.

I will be hosting a 30 – minute ZOOM meeting touching on tips and tricks for someone who’s interested in building their business and brand but has a tight schedule mine.

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