OILS! Moisturising Oils vs Sealant Oils

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Oils don’t seem like it’s that important but it actually is because if you are using sealants instead of moisturizing oils you could be setting your hair up for breakage and dryness. It is important to know what oils to use when in order to grow and/or retain length.

ORS Store-Bought Oils

Moisturising Oil

  • Coconut Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Baobab Oil
  • Avocado Oil

Moisturing & Sealing

  • Almond Oil
  • Mint Oil
  • Shea Butter Oil

Sealant Oil

  • Argan Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil
It is important to note that all butters are sealants!! So if you’re planning to use it make sure you have thick liquid/leave-in because butter is harder to penetrate than oil in order to refresh.

Now let’s get into it, if you’re a LOC or LCO method type then it is important to know what oils to use and if you add oils to your deep conditioners as I do then you also need to know what oils to use.

Hair Sprays are usually for shine but most ingredients fall under the sealant so I would use sprays after a wash and go

Moistursing Oils are better to use added to your deep conditioner or even add it to your leave-in or DIY hair sprits because it is essential to putting moisture into your hair. Now moisturising oil is an oil that will be needed more to be applied more often than a sealant oil.

You can also use moisturising oils as a pre-poo before shampoo and for a hot oil treatment before shampoo, before deep conditioning or even during the deep condition for extensive treatment. You could also use a moisturising oil in your LOC method, it is important to use a moisturising oil and make sure your cream is a thick texture that can lock in your oil because if you add a sealant oil the Cream in your LOC won’t penetrate through to your strands so that means the product you applied just sits on top of your hair so you’re wasting time in doing the LOC method and you’re wasting money if you have LOW POROSITY hair but if you have HIGH POROSITY hair then you should use a sealant Oil and still a thick textured curling cream.

Sealant Oils are important to lock in all the moisture you just applied to your hair using the LCO method or if you have high porosity hair then it is a sealant oil you use in your LOC method. Sealant oils lock in the moisture and don’t allow any product to evaporate as a lack of moisture in your hair can dry out your hair causing breakfast and dullness.

Only use sealant oils at the end of your hair day so if you are doing a protective style you finish with a sealant oil then style in braids or twist and even on your wash day after your gel you can add your sealant oil to loosen the clumps and lock in all that product and if you are planning to refresh your hair on day 2 till next wash day you can add a sealant oil to lock in the refresher you choice so no evaporation happens that will leave your hair dry. If you are wearing protective styles such as braids etc.. it is important to add moisture before adding your sealant oil so if for example you want to refresh your roots and your hair you can use sprits, leave-in or just spray water on your hair then add a sealant oil because if you use a sealant oil on none moisturised hair it can be the same as no product on your hair, it can also break your hair.

Below you find store-bought oils I prefer for moisturising and sealant. Every Oil serves a different purpose. Depending on how much moisture or sealant I need will determine which oil I use.

Moisturising Oil

ORS Coconut Oil

ORS Olive Oil

Sealant Oils

ORS Black castor Oil

My Natural Hair Oil

Jane Cater Solutions Oil Spray

Aunt Jackies Grapseed Oil Spray

Vatika Oil

So if you are experimenting with oil, I hope you try the oils and methods I suggested for optimal results.

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