Reddee For Business: BTS with brand managers working with influencers

I asked myself the question I usually get when fellow followers/influencers see “Paid Partnership” on my post which is “How do you manage to get paid when you have under 2000 followers on social media??

This got me thinking, and honestly I will tell you it is because I believe in being personal rather than being a brand but others might tell you visa versa so I decided to open up my network and find someone who can answer this question for us! Brand Managers are often the gate keepers to whether we work with a brand, collaborate with a brand or attend the events of a brand, I know right, so much power!! So since this question would be best answered by the person actually living it. I decided to call Catherine Williams ”Brand and Product Development Manager – Natural Hair”

After organizing this webinar I then thought to myself, many of you mentioned that in my previous webinar “Micro-Influencer working with both local and international brands” that you wish I saved it or that you wanted to listen to it another time since you were not able to so I came up with a solution for that problem – I started a Podcast!
All you need to now is click the link to make your way to the podcast or you can continue reading for the same information.

Getting Reddee with Brands

What do brands look for?

For those who are unfamiliar Catherine is a Brand Manager looking after almost FIVE brands in the hair sector and has a say in which direction the company should move in order to stay living that might have been a bit dramatic but I Stan!

Before we get into the advice she has for you, I want her to explain what it is she saw in me in order to give me a chance not once but twice at two different companies she managed! This will give you and idea of why I prefer to handle my business person to business instead of business to business.

Darian & the Brand

D: How did you come across my brand/profile?
C: In the flesh! At an event (if I recall correctly) in Cape Town.

D: How did you get into contact with me?
C: I think you reached out to me and we stayed in touch via social media and natural hair events.

D: What did you think of my proposal/profile/approach?
C: Very professional, thorough and fun.

D: What made you keep me on the list
C: You always approach with a smile and sincerity.

How does it work – what do brands look for

Q1: Who do you think of when a campaign comes around?

First thoughts will always be someone I know or have been watching online that’s profile image fits the campaign brief/theme AS WELL as finding out their work style, if possible. That being said I am always open and looking to find new influencers to make the circle bigger.

Q2: What should a “Micro/Nano Influencer” have in order to get you to say “YES”

Is that person able to communicate effectively, are they a peoples person at events? Do they have a consistent profile/content theme on their pages and are they administratively efficient. And most importantly – do they know their game (product/technical knowledge)

Q3: Why do you think there is a need for personality behind a brand?

Human beings resonate with human beings and not corporations, seeing a person that looks like you, talks your language or have the same interests, etc creates credibility in a brand. This is very important in retaining consumer “attention” or keeping eyes on a brand. Storytelling is so effective when conveying a message and having a personality tell that story makes it even more authentic.

Q4: When is the right time to ask for payment for content

Anytime is the right time to ask for payment. Brands know that content should be paid for. It does help though if payment can be made in the product initially and once the relationship is established then proceed with paid content. This is particularly relevant now as budgets have taken a crash due to COVID’s impact on the economy. For me, I have to see that the content I am initiating payment for will land up on a page and actually stay there as a POST and that the page is relevant and consistently monitored. The brand needs to see a return on investment.

Any tips you have for the influencers?

1:  Consistent content

2: Running your own campaigns on your pages

3: Engagement rates on your pages (are people commenting etc)

4: Sticking to a theme throughout your content

5: Collaborations with other content creators

And there you have it. That is the insights we get from a Brand and Product Development Manager and what happens when a campaign lands on her desk or when you send through a proposal for a possible collaboration. If you want a more in-depth talk about this you can visit my podcast for more.

I had so much fun picker her brain and if you have any suggestions on who else needs to be on this podcast then please let me know. You can follow me on my social media pages to help you keep connected.

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