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Teaching myself how to work with my new skin texture had an impact on my budget I with me having a baby, getting married and moving into my own space I needed to be more realistic with how I want to spend my money and when you don’t really know what works it can get out of hand.

As a natural hair blogger we are programmed like “OIL OIL OIL!!” and then I thought myself now what if I treat my skin the same way I treat my scalp and BOOOOOOOOOOM! My mind was blown.
I followed KUDU on Instagram and saw they have a Rosehip oil that after much research I knew that would be a better option than the olive oil or coconut oil I use on my hair. I took the opportunity to shoot my shot and reached out to the brand to let them know my story and how we could work together to advertise this narrative.

My Story

Growing up I never suffered from acne or dry skin. My skincare routine was washing my face with water and leaving the house. While I was pregnant my skin was getting dry but not to the point of patches or peeling but my makeup would dry-up quicker and show patches that weren’t bad at the time. Postpartum hit me six months after giving birth and my hair started falling out and my skin started breaking out in sore big pimples and dry patches. At this point, I wasn’t thinking about taking care of my skin since I have to figure out how to take care of a baby. I didn’t think the impact would be this intense since I usually only wash my face with water and I wasn’t educated on postpartum. The information goes from “how to handle your pregnancy” to “how to take care once you’re back from the hospital” and after that, it is “how to care for you toddler” so to be able to know how to care for skin I never had before makes it harder for me to know what to do but like I said I kept on the “OIL OIL OIL” concept.

Having gone through all that I now have been on my KUDU journey for almost a month now and when I mentioned my story to KUDU they decided to send me a serum as well. Based on information out there I definitely had a misconception about serums and thought it’s for the rich but learning how to use it an how essential it is in your regimen when you are healing yourself back to health I would now say that if you save up for at least one item then let it be that.

I also know that this is due to hormones, not being on the injection and all that but if you don’t educate yourself early enough you will spend the majority of your time getting your skin back to health, therefore this journey taught me that prevention is better than cure for sure. However, being that I am the person who did not do what I’m preaching I will recommend checking out KUDU if you have to start from the bottom because their products actually do work especially since I am not strict with using it every morning and evening but I still see results.

Working from HOME means 12-hour shifts that’s why I use these products that work with my inconsistent routine.

Starting all over has me regretting not taking care of my skin in the beginning, however, KUDU has made it easier for me and my lifestyle because I don’t have time to apply 3 different creams and have a whole routine that goes with that so having two high luxurious products with a botanical blend means that I don’t need more because of the nourishing and moisturizing these oils do for my skin.

With Birthday’s, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Births happening this year, you should really consider buying a DUO of our choice or even just an oil that will work with the skin condition of the person you are buying it for. This will work especially well for those in our lives who do not have a skincare routine because to them “there’s to much to buy/do” one oil a day will make any day feel brighter.

Have you tried any of KUDU oils? are you interested in learning more about their business?
You can find more information about them here

Thank you for reading 🙂
Share your experience with me or what you are doing now to repair your skin.

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