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I am an entrepreneur and working from home is what I do for a living but I know that this sudden change during lockdown has many feeling more overwhelmed with a lack of staying on schedule and let’s face it it has nothing to do with being at home but more about the workload your boss now threw at you since they no longer can monitor your progress.

I am not the “planner” type, though I try and I really like the idea of it and how cute the book looks with the stickers and colour pens and all that jazz but in reality, it doesn’t work for me so I took my love for following templates and my need to see visuals and created a template that helps me know exactly what is needed for the month, what I should do for the week and what is important for the day.

Creating this template for myself has helped me stay on track with what needed to be done and also gives me time to be proactive and ask what is more important and when should what be out on? This helps to be proactive and also eliminates the need to do too much on the day or at least more than what you would have done if you were at the office.

Please Please Please! Put times next to your TOP 4 of the day because you can get so lost in your work and realize its 10 o’clock and you haven’t done anything for yourself like to EAT! Even though this is an unconventional situation for most you still need to be strict with your time otherwise you will burn yourself out.

I have a template structure called Re-Do. Review. Reuse this is where you type/write out all tasks that need to be done for the month (all information on that page/s only) next page will be halved with what needs to be done in week 1 – 4 and the next page will be what needs to be done today. If you are starting out then maybe add times next to what to do so you can keep track of what you’re doing and when you feel comfortable or when you know you want to work longer then you can remove the times.

List every job needed for the month  
Website: blog posts
Social media: B2B marketing
Emails: leads
Look through the monthly plan and divide it by weeks  
Week 1:

Week 4:
Plan for the day:
09:00 facebook


Remember to add times to take your tea break and your lunch because it is so easy to forget to do that since you’re working in a comfortable environment. Do not over-do it because the next day you might not be as productive as today.

Let me know if I should upload my template for purchase? I hope you are staying at home and being productive.

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